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So often when we think of a church, we think of a building where a religious group gathers together for activities. Covenant of Grace Presbyterian Church is not a building; we are people.
We are a people who truly desire to be part of the community and not isolated from society. We, therefore, seek to be concerned and caring of our neighbors, especially for you as an individual. We would like to develop a real and lasting relationship with you as we live together in the community.


We, Covenant of Grace Presbyterian Church, are a part of the larger body of Christians worldwide, the Presbyterian Church in America. More importantly, we believe that in His love, God the Father, through God the Son, Jesus Christ, by the power of God the Holy Spirit has called all who believe in Jesus Christ, as their personal Savior and Lord, into a restored relationship of fellowship with Him. We also believe that the Bible was given by the direct inspiration of God, so that we may come to know God and His love and mercy to us. Being the very word of God, the Bible is infallible, inerrant, and sufficient in its entirety as our sole source of faith and practice in every aspect of our lives.
Covenant of Grace Church is predominantly comprised of young Chinese families. We use two languages, English and Chinese (mainly Cantonese) by heritage. We welcome and invite any and all to come and join us.


Covenant of Grace has four main objectives:
(1) Worship: We seek to honor and worship the true and living God. Since we are worshipping a living God, it is a vibrant time with the Spirit of God. Yet it is reverent for our God, Creator and Ruler of all is worthy to be praised.
(2) Proclaiming Christ: We seek to share the wonderful news of Jesus Christ, who died for our sin and is alive today, caring and loving in a world of suffering and pain. The gospel of Jesus Christ is about having life, and being able to enjoy it fully as only God can make it.
(3) Nurture: In this world we live in New York City where life is under constant pressure. We seek to be a source of encouragement and support. We provide the rich and valuable Word of God in answering our problems and guiding us to our well being.
(4) Service: We aim to serve the community in which we are a part of. We strive to make this concern concrete and exhibit it in tangible ways. Our concern and care is not only in programs but a caring of each and every person. We want to help with personal needs.


Have you ever wondered that you might be missing something in life that is really important, that could help you with your problems?
This something that I found is:

(1) A loving God

God is a living God who wants human beings to have a fulfilling life. God is love (I John 4:16a). Jesus said, “I came that they may have life and have it abundantly.” (John 10:10)
He is a loving God who also gives power to overcome our worries and fears and to break those bad habits like anger, depression, greed, worry.
And the reason it took me so long to find out about this loving God was because of myself, my stubborn self…

(2) Sinful Man

…Because I am a sinful person, I am a sinner. All have sinned. (Romans 3:23a)
And because of my sins, I fight against God, break his laws and am unthankful. I tried my best to ignore God, to make believe that He wasn’t there.
I depended only upon myself, thinking I could control everything, I was playing God myself.
By relying on my own abilities, I ended up making a mess out of my life, unable to really handle or solve the problems I caused myself.

(3) A Just God

It was not only because of my sins that I could not find God, but also because God is holy and just. God does not leave the guilty unpunished. (Exodus 34:7b) Not only is God loving, He is just and therefore He promises to punish sin.
It is this punishment of God that is due us that also keeps us from finding this loving God. Sin separates us from God, because God promised that the wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23). To face God would be to face this judgment.

(4) Jesus Christ, the Wonderful Gift of God

Knowing that I cannot pay the penalty of death for my sins, God, in His love, came in the form of man— Jesus Christ—to pay the penalty that is due to me. “In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God…The Word became flesh and made His dwelling among us” (John 1:1,14a). Jesus died on the cross to bear the wrath and rose from the dead after three days to eliminate the barrier between God and me. “He Himself bore our sins in His body on the tree, so that we might die to sin and live for righteousness; by His wounds you have been healed.” (I Peter 2:24)
Because of what Christ did, I need no longer worry about God’s wrath and punishment but can approach God and receive His love and forgiveness.
Therefore, now I can benefit from all the blessings that God intends for me rather than struggling on my own.

(5) Received by Faith in Jesus Christ Alone

I was able to receive this wonderful gift by faith, trusting in Jesus Christ alone for my freedom from my slavery to sin. “Believe in the Lord Jesus, and you will be saved” (Acts 16:31a).
It was not something I did or deserved, but simply turning in sorrow from my sins and trusting in Christ as having died for me. “For it is by grace you have been saved, through faith and this not from yourselves, it is a gift of God not by works, so that no one can boast” (Eph. 2:8-9).
This is how I came to find what was missing in my life, that I was missing God and all that He wanted me to have and enjoy. You can have this wonderful life also. All you need to do is to turn away from trusting in yourself and trust in Christ to be saved and He will give you all He promised. He gives strength to overcome your troubles and have an abundant life.
Would you want this great gift?

(We are deeply grateful to our mother church, Covenant Church, Whitestone for this brief gospel presentation.)




我們恩約堂屬於美國長老會,是普世基督徒肢體的一部份﹐更重要的是我們相信由於聖父的愛,通過聖子耶穌基督,藉著聖靈的能力,呼召所有相信耶穌基督為個人 救主的人,進入與神和好的團契關係裡。我們也相信聖經是神所默示的,使我們能夠認識神,神的愛和神對我們的憐憫,聖經是神的話語,是無誤的,足以在我們信 仰上和生活上的每個環節全備的教導。







(2) 人與罪

羅馬書3:23說「世人都犯了罪…」我自己也是一個罪人,因為我的罪,我與神對抗、違反祂的律法 ,沒有感謝的心。我故意忽略祂的存在,滿以為憑著個人的能力可以控制一切。我把自己當作神。

(3) 公義的神

我的罪令我找不到神。相對地神是完全聖潔和公義,祂不會不懲罰有罪的人。(出埃及記34:7) 神不單是慈愛,祂更是公義,祂曾說過祂會懲罰罪惡。由於神對罪的懲罰,令到我們找不到這位慈愛的神。罪使我們和神隔絕,神曾說過罪的工價乃是死(羅馬書 6:23)。面對神就是要去面對這一個審判。


神知道我們不能付上罪的代價。神本著愛,道成肉身,讓耶穌基督替我的罪付上代價。「太初有道,道與上帝同在,道就是上 帝…道成了肉身,住在我們中間。」(約翰福音1:1,14)。耶穌在十字架上受死,消除了人神之間的障礙。「祂被掛在木頭上親身擔當了我們的罪,使我們既 然在罪上死,就得以在義上活,因祂的鞭傷,你們便得了醫治。」(彼得前書2:24)

(5) 憑信心接受耶穌

我就是這樣找到生命中所缺少的 – 我缺少了神和祂早為我安排的一切。你其實也可以擁有這份豐盛的生命﹐只要你從倚靠自己轉為倚靠基督,祂就會賜你祂應許的一切,賜你勝過困難的能力,並且賜你一個豐盛的生命。



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